Turbochargers: What You Need To Know

If you are keen on buying a car with a turbo charged engine, you should know one or two things about turbos in cars. It also helps if you have a fair idea of car maintenance tips like car alignment, wheel balancing, servicing your car and generally taking care of the automobile. First off, cars with the turbocharger have a number of advantages over cars that come with the natural aspirated engines. In addition, turbocharged engines come in different forms so it is important you know some of these things before you start shopping for automobiles. 

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Single turbos are great for small cars because they can easily increase both power and efficiency without your having to carry out too many modifications on the car. They are small and easy to install and they can be used by smaller engines to mimic the power of larger engines.


The twin turbo is an improvement on the single-turbo. By doubling the turbo, you simply double the power of the single-turbo. This is an excellent choice for cars with the V6 or V8 engine. The major advantage of the twin turbo it the fact that it gives you better output and better engine power.

Variable Geometry Turbo

Popularly abbreviated to VTGs, the variable geometry turbos are turbochargers that come with a ring of aerodynamic-shaped vanes in the housing of the inlet. These turbochargers are used with passenger vehicles and mini vans to add power and speed to the vehicles in question. These devices help light passenger vehicles perform at peak levels. 

The Variable Twin-Scroll Turbo (VTS)

 This turbocharger combines the qualities of the variable geometry turbo with those of the twin scroll turbo. This option is great for petrol engines and this is why it is usually found in petrol engines and not in the diesel engine. It is a relatively cheap option and it adds great power and performance to the vehicles that use it. 

Electric Turbo

An electric turbocharger has a number of advantages that the other ones above don't have. This option increases power and performance and takes care of all the disadvantages that come with other types of turbo discussed above. As you can see, it pays to have turbochargers in your automobiles. Now, let's about car maintenance tips.

Maintaining Your Automobile

Now, you cannot drive your car without proper and regular maintenance. This is because your automobile will serve you much better if you treat it well. Below are some maintenance tips to ensure your car continues to behave well.  

Service Your Car Regularly

This simply means changing your oil and oil filter after a few months or when the car has done a certain number of kilometers. This will protect your engine and prolong the life of your car. 

Do Your Car Alignment

Before and after you embark on a trip with your car, you should ensure that you do your alignment, wheel balancing and check your tyres as well. All these will ensure that your car is in great shape and this will minimize the risk of accidents and damage to your car.